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Blast-Off provides a unique service in that all of our Mobile Waterblasting Vehicles are able to give both High and Low Pressure for varying tasks.

High Pressure Waterblasting is the perfect preparation for painting the exterior of your home. Our high reach wands are able to access the most inaccessible areas to strip loose and flaking paint from all types of surfaces. The time, and of course money saved using this system is invaluable and leaves the surfaces ready for a painter.

Auckland's harsh environment means cleaning the exterior of your home regularly is vital. The build-up of salt and grime will deteriorate the various components of your home at an alarming rate. Colour steel spouting and aluminium windows if not cleaned regularly will begin to corrode and the life of the roof will certainly diminish.

Low Pressure Waterblasting combined with an environmentally friendly solution is added, will clean the exterior of your home without damage to the paint or timber surface or gardens.

Concrete roof tiles and steel roofing require annual maintenance to keep their good looks and durability. At the time of washing the exterior of your home we recommend that the roof be completed also. This represents a significant saving for our clients. With the experience and safety equipment provided by Blast-Off we are able to clean the most difficult of roofs quickly and efficiently saving you time and money.


When Blast-Off Services Ltd is contracted to clean the exterior of your home we donít just clean the walls and roof we attend to any deck if required. The solution we use in house washing is ideal for cleaning that moss stained deck. The Low Pressure will not damage the timber yet leave the decks with a fresh new look.

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